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Building Signage

The visual appearance of your business premises affects how your brand and business is perceived by stakeholders, clients, potential customers, visitors and staff members.

The right signage will set the tone for your business, create brand association, attract attention and serve as a directional tool. Rapt! specialises in business signage that makes an impression.

Building sign design – our design team will meet with you and listen to your building signage goals and ideas before coming up with something that brings a freshness and vitality to the face of your business. Our consultation process will provide you with advice about your signage needs and a free, no obligation quote. Alternatively, if you already have artwork and know where you need your building signage, then Rapt! can move fast on quoting, fabrication and installation. 

Sign fabrication – the fabrication process of building signage depends on several factors including the size, location and type of sign you choose. As part of the consultation process, we will talk about the most efficient and cost-effective ways to create durable and great looking signage without compromising the awesome end result.

Sign installation – our installation team has experience and expertise in sign fixing on almost any substrate in almost any position; if we can reach it, we can usually fix a sign there. For larger signs, Resource Consent may be required; we can advise on that too.